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Websites Now Become One Of The Technology Requaired To Be Suceess In Gaining Money

Websites or sites can be defined as a collection of pages that display information text data, the data still images or motion, animation data, voice, video or a combination of these, whether they are static or dynamic that formed a series of interconnected buildings where each associated with networks pages (hyperlinks). If the contents of the information is static websites remains, rarely changed, and the contents of the information only in the direction of the websites owner. If the dynamic nature of the information content of the website is always changing, and two-way interactive information content derived from the owners and users of the websites. Examples of static websites is contains the profile of the company, while dynamic website is like Friendster, Multiply, etc. In a side development, static websites can only be updated by the owner only, whereas dynamic websites can be updated by the user or owner.

Domain name or commonly called the Domain Name or URL is the unique address in the internet world that is used to identify a websites, or in other words, the domain name is the address used to locate a websites on the world. Domain name bought and sold freely on the internet with an annual rental status. After the Domain Name was bought at one of the providers of registration, the user is provided with a control panel for administration. If the user forgot / did not extend the lease period, then the domain name will be off again availability to the public. The domain name itself has identified the extension / suffix in accordance with the interests and location of the websites existence.

Web Hosting can be defined as the space contained in the hard disk to store a variety of data, files, images, video, email data, statistics, databases, etc. to be displayed on the website. The amount of data that can be entered depend on the size of websites hosting leased / owned, the greater the greater the websites hosting data that can be entered and displayed in the website. Web Hosting also be obtained by renting. Users will gain the control panel protected by username and password to the administration website. This type of language is crucial program of static, dynamic or interactive website. The more variety of language programs that use it will look websites more dynamic and interactive as well as look good. Multi-language program currently has a presence to support the quality of the websites.