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Not only small air compressor in compact size but it has more power even it in small size

In the small air compressor compressor, the water will get accelerated by the rotor blade contained and direction of flow to the axial direction the which is the direction (parallel) with the axis of the rotor. So small air compressor suction and water pressure Occurs when a series of blades on the rotor is spinning Rapidly. Fast lap is absolutely necessary to get a flow of air that has the desired pressure. Remembering Also this small air compressor is like a gas turbine compressor systems or machines turbo propeller aircraft. The difference is, if the gas turbine is generating mechanical rotating on its axis. But, in this compressor mechanical power from the engine will rotate the rotor so that it will generate pressurized water. The small air compressor drive is used to rotate the compressor, so that the compressor can work optiomal. The compressor drive is Often used usually in the form of an electric motors and internal combustion engines.

Low-power small air compressor using two-phase electric motors or gasoline motors. while large power compressors require a 3 phase electric motors or diesel engines. The use of petrol or diesel engines typically used when there are no nearby locations electricity or growing niche to be non-stationary. Small air compressor are used in factories mostly driven by electric motors Because usually there are electrical installations and growing niche stasionar (not moving). When a gas is compressed, then this means that no mechanical energy is supplied from outside to the gas. This small air compressor energy is converted into heat energy so that the temperature of the gas will go up if the pressure is getting higher. However, if this process is accompanied by cooling to remove heat that Occurs, so that the temperature can be kept and the compression is called the compression isothermal (constant temperature). The compression process is very useful in theoretical analysis, but for the calculation of the compressor does not have many useful applications. In the actual compressor, cooled completely Although the cylinder is not possible to maintain a fixed temperature in the cylinder. This is the caused by the rapid compression process (several hundred to a thousand times per minute) in the cylinder.