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Live Near the Sea Turns Live Healthier

A study in the United Kingdom states that live near the coast there is the possibility of bringing health benefits. The study analysed information from approximately 48 million people in the UK and found that the closer to the beach where they live, the greater the possibility that people have a good health report on the previous year. Therefore, immediately booking your Seaside Residences through our website now, before you run out the condo because our offer is limited.

The study’s results remained the same even though the researchers incorporate other health determinants such as age, gender, socioeconomic status, and whether they live near a park or other green space. The difference of staying near the beach is actually relatively small. Only about one percent of people living within a radius of approximately one kilometre from the beach which has a good health report compared to those who live 48 kilometres from the sea. However, that small effects, when applied to the entire population, can create a substantial impact on public health.

Staying near the beach may be associated with better health conditions for the seafront environment can reduce stress, say, scientists. They show another study that found that people who travelled to the coast of England experience the relaxation and tranquillity that is higher than those who visit the city park or the countryside.

Nevertheless, it is still too early advocate of people come to the beach to improve health. Wheeler said the study only found an association, not a causal relationship, and there is the possibility of other factors have a major influence on the result. However, the study did find that the association between the seafront life and better health was strongest in those who live in the poorest areas. This indicates that prosperity does not explain the findings.